Open Studio hours for members and students through November 24th:

Sundays 10-4

Mondays 1-8pm (6-8 class)

Tuesdays 5-8 (class)

Wednesdays 11-2 and 6-8(class)

Thursdays 10-12 and 6-8 (class)

Saturdays 10-1:30

Fall Classes!

Fall classes meet weekly for 10 weeks (except for Learning to Throw, which is 8 weeks) and begin September 16th. Online fall class registration will open the week of August 11th. If you’d like to register earlier, please contact Molly directly at

 Mondays 6-8pm Learning to Throw: Developing a Practice. Instructor Paige Wilder

This class will be an introduction to wheel-thrown pottery with an emphasis on repetition, developing a practice, taking risks, and exploring the limits of the clay – to learn basic skills.  Students will learn how to center clay, shape basic forms, make handles, trim, and glaze pottery. Students may or may not go home with a finished pot. 8 Weeks. $250 includes materials.

Introduction to Handbuilding

This class will cover techniques for creating functional and sculptural pieces using soft and hard clay slabs. We will explore various techniques for creating surface designs and textures on clay, options for using forms, molds and templates, and methods for joining and attaching clay pieces to build more varied and unique pieces. 10 weeks. $280 plus materials.


Wednesdays 6-8pm Basics and Beyond: Building Skills on the Wheel. Instructor Molly Cantor

For those with some clay experience who want to deepen foundational throwing skills and learn new ones. Learning and practicing  centering, shaping basic forms, trimming, pulling handles, decorating and glazing. 10 weeks $280 plus $20-$40 for materials.

Thursdays 10am-noon Mindful Handbuilding. Instructor Mona Shiber.

A mindfulness based art experience with clay

We will explore basic handbuilding techniques with a twist of the contemplative. Self awareness is optimized through this creative process.

Together, we create a judgement free zone in a serene, spacious studio. Each class begins with a short mindfulness meditation supporting the creative intention for that week.

Gradually introducing new information and techniques, the outcome will be a series of projects designed for opening the mind, hands, and the creative spirit.

10 weeks $280 plus $20-$40 for materials

Thursdays 6-8pm Advanced Beginner/ Intermediate Wheelthrowing. Instructor Molly Cantor

This class is geared towards experienced students who are looking to hone and refine wheelthrowing skills through a series of demonstrations, projects and practices. 10 weeks $280 plus materials.