BIPOC Studio Membership

$60.00 / month



At The Handle Factory our goal is to create a safe, welcoming and accessible space for all people to work in clay. We recognize that there are systemic patterns, intentional and otherwise, that have severely limited access for People of Color to participate in, and succeed in the arts.

In an effort to create equity and support those that have been disenfranchised through systemic racism, we have introduced a membership program to provide creative space for clay artists who identify as Black, Indigenous and People of Color.  The Handle Factory offers studio memberships that are offered at a discounted rate to members of these communities. If you are interested in this membership and the cost is prohibitive, please feel free to contact us.

Memberships at The Handle Factory are for clay artists who are experienced in working in clay and can work independently in the studio.  Please contact Molly ( before signing up.

Studio members have full use of the studio with up to 7 other people during their time slots.   Members must sign up for time slots to use the studio on the calendar, but may sign up for as many slots per week as they would like. They are oriented to the space and equipment. About a dozen studio glazes are available for use (cost included with clay purchase) and work is fired by studio staff, but if interested, members can receive tutorials on glaze mixing and kiln loading. Clay used in the studio must be purchased from The Handle Factory unless prior arrangements have been made.

Members are expected to be able to work independently in the studio. A short glazing class is required before new members glaze pottery, which must be arranged with Molly or Paige.

Please note that each member has one large shelf (or 2 smaller shelves)  (about 6 square feet) for work storage. Potters who would like additional storage space may pay a supplemental fee for another shelf when available.